Accidental Saviors

accidental saviors book cover

A Novel of Uncommon Heroism in a Dark Time.

Algot Niska was a smuggler. Felix Kersten a celebrated chiropractor with a practice that included the highest men in Nazi circles. Expatriates living in Berlin in the early days of World War II, they seemed to share nothing in common but their Finnish background.

Neither thought of themselves as a hero. But an accident of history led each to use his strategic position to save the lives of hundreds of Jews from Nazi persecution and likely death.

Author Jack Saarala interweaves actual history and events from the lives of Kersten and Niska with imaginative fiction to create a suspenseful novel in the inspiring tradition of Schindler’s List and The Zookeeper’s Wife.

  • Genre: Suspense, historical
  • ISBN: 978-0999462324
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