The House of Darian has been destroyed. The Descendants are scattered and those who survived the attack are fighting for their lives. A new threat from beyond Ashur looms, and the safety of the Drowned Realm has never been in greater danger.
The remaining Descendants now turn their attention to killing King Edmund. They must seek help from a new, mysterious leader, though his whereabouts are unknown. With no safe haven to call home, they must quickly find Asarei and learn to use their manifestations in ways that The House of Darian never taught them. However, some unlikely and unwelcome alliances will test their ability to see their mission through.
Meanwhile, Jahmash’s backing grows throughout the world beyond Ashur. With Bo’az as his emissary to other lands, it is only a matter of time before Jahmash’s armies grow large enough to usher in Ashur’s downfall.

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Dragonfly Girl

After seven years in an unhappy and abusive relationship, Suzanne leaves her alcoholic husband and returns to her hometown to begin again. But returning home doesn’t necessarily grant serenity and security, it means dredging up old wounds—from meeting her former boyfriend, now the owner of a “gentlemen’s club,” to dealing with her mother’s recently acquired lifestyle.Gathering wisdom from an unlikely source in unexpected ways, Suzanne makes new friends in unusual places. They confirm her conviction that real satisfaction is not just for men. Her sexual enlightenment leads to danger but the risk to right some age-old wrongs brings her into a deeper connection with friends old and new and leads her toward a future filled with magic. In her dryly-funny debut erotic romance, author Logan Lansing titillates, surprises and satisfies.

Paperback $9.99

It could happen to you.

Charles Wilkerson, a very ordinary man, is unexpectedly launched by the legal system on a harrowing journey to hell and back in Jack Saarela’s fourth novel about the everyday injustice in America’s justice system. Charles thinks he has the perfect life. He has a good job as a manager at a local grocery store, a loving wife, and a three-year-old little boy. Yes, sometimes the family gets strange looks from the neighbors in their quiet suburb—Charles is black and his wife, Dana, is white. And even in the 1990s, that is often frowned on in Palm Beach County, Florida. Charles’ life changes forever when he is called home in the middle of the day by the Palm Beach, Florida County sheriff and informed Charles that his wife has been murdered. Charles is the primary and sole suspect in the brutal beating and murder, even though he had no prior criminal record. While Charles proclaims his innocence, he is was arrested and tried for the murder and sentenced to Florida’s death row. Charles spends the next quarter-century of his life in prison before a series of startling events lead to his exoneration. A Perfect Storm of Injustice is based on the real-life experiences of several individuals who were victims of a wrongful murder conviction. Since 1973, at least 172 such individuals have been wrongfully imprisoned for murders they didn’t commit. That’s up to 10% of the total number of persons sentenced to prison. Saarela, the author of Love Out of Reach, Accidental Saviors, and Beginning Again at Zero, has once again written a suspenseful, thoughtful and eye-opening true-to-life novel in the tradition of John Grisham’s An Innocent Man and Scott Turow’s Reversible Errors.

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Four Letter Words: Act 1

“Life is a four-letter word, albeit not my favorite one…My favorite four-letter word is love. Love fucking rocks. It’s hard, and incredible, and heartbreaking all at the same time.”

At 17, Ally Jean knows more about loss than love. Her younger brother and father have both committed suicide, and frankly, she’s just marking time until she finds a way to follow them. Until one amazing man changes her life.

This is a coming-of-age story that is real, gritty, and down to earth. The heroine, Ally Jean, is mouthy and smart, full of both hope and despair. She constantly seems to make the wrong choices, but we cheer for her despite the many mistakes she makes.

Four Letter Words addresses hard-hitting issues including teen suicide, alcoholism and depression. It is about the many four-letter words in our lives: pain, fear, life, hope…

“Love has many different forms,” Ally Jean explains. “Between family members, friends, or lovers; but all stories, every story ever told, is a God damned love story.”

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  • Genre: Coming of Age Fiction/New Adult Romance
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September 1940
In London, a high-level British Agent is found murdered in a safe house known only to the Intelligence service—the clues lead to a mysterious order of assassins, a list of targets—and to Mason Wright.

Frank “Sully” Sullivan, an American working for British Intelligence, is responsible for finding the person who murdered his friend. Unsure of Mason’s involvement, he wonders if he is the man responsible, or the group’s next victim. Sully is just going to have to trust him for now.

Finding the answers may lie in Occupied France. Mason, Sully, and of course Collette who refuses to be left behind, follow the clues into Nazi-occupied territory to find out who is behind the killings. Joining the newly formed Resistance in a small town outside of Paris, their trail takes them through Loire Valley wine country, uncovering dark secrets of the Third Reich, and eventually leading them face to face with Mason’s old nemesis.

The second book in the Mason Wright Series, The Secrets of Saint Joanna will take you from the streets of wartime London, through a remote Spanish train station at the base of the Pyrenees, and into Occupied France. With the help of the owners of a local winery, some old and new friends, Mason, Sully, and Collette risk their lives in search of answers.
Paperback: $14.95, Hardback: $28.95, Ebook: $4.99

  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • ISBN: Paperback: 978-0-9994623-7-9, Hardback: 978-0-9994623-8-6
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It’s just been a few weeks since the bombing of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and Bob Hollis, his family, and his associates in the FBI and NYC police department are dealing with the fallout—both personal and professional. From friends who have gone missing since the Towers fell, to discovering how the bombing was connected to the currency manipulation scheme they were investigating, 9/11 looms large in everyone’s thoughts.

But, unknown to the FBI, several other groups are also now in play on the board. The Power Group and their enemies are making new moves. And how is the shadowy figure—and Hollis’ father-in-law—VJ Nasser involved?

Fallout is the second book in The Pawns suspense trilogy by author doc mike.

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Love Out of Reach

She first heard him on an anti-Nazi radio address when she was nine years old. In the years that followed, Dietrich Bonhöffer, famed German theologian, became her teacher, friend, and finally, her fiancé.

Although 18 years younger than the illustrious Bonhöffer, Maria von Wedemeyer’s intelligence, youthful enthusiasm and caring heart drew her to him. But as World War II broke upon them, Bonhöffer was part of a small but courageous remnant of Christians in Germany who actively resisted the Nazi encroachment on both state and church. Torn between his pacifist sentiments and his profound hatred of Hitler’s unjust policies and atrocities against the Jews, Bonhöffer knew something bold had to be done, so working as a double agent, he participated in plotting of several assassination attempts against Hitler.

Bonhöffer’s writings have influenced generations of people struggling with the role of people of faith in a hostile culture. His Letters and Papers From Prison is one of the most broadly-read theological works of the Twentieth Century.

Based on real historical characters and events, Jack A. Saarela’s third novel reveals a lesser-known amorous side of Bonhöffer as he falls in love with Maria. He shows Maria to deserve more than the usual cursory mention of her as merely “Dietrich Bonhöffer’s fiancée.”

Their romance, carried out against the backdrop of war, imprisonment, and the constant threat of his execution, is driven by their dreams and hopes of life together. Love Out of Reach is both a wartime thriller and a tender story of the endurance of love in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

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  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0999462355
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Captive Truth

A mercenary, a gambler, and a warlord are drawn together for a high stakes poker game. The trophy: a woman, Christine. They are men of unquestionable wealth, indomitable power, and overwhelming guilt; each is enchanted by Christine’s alluring beauty and each relentlessly desires to have her for himself.

Life has left Christine unable to form meaningful emotional relationships. However, without the ability to appeal emotionally to her male captors she is not only jeopardizing her own fate, but also the fate of other women as well. Alone, with only the three men who have come to mean so much to her, Christine must use not only her wits but her compassion to extricate herself. Will she become one man’s prized possession, or can she regain her sense of self?

Stary’s complex plot keeps the reader guessing as she explores some of today’s most controversial issues for women.

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  • Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Women
  • ISBN: 978-0999462348
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January 1940

Late on a rainy night in New York City, Mason Wright is surprised in his apartment by Collette Moulie, the daughter of a family friend, with an urgent plea for help. She convinces him to come to France and help her father with a very important task; one that she says will help preserve the very culture of the French people. Reluctantly, Mason agrees and immediately steps into the world of fine art, stolen paintings, and master forgeries. He travels to France, under the shadows of the advancing Nazi army, to learn more. Once there, Mason realizes that he has immediately become one of the most wanted men in France, if not all of Europe.

Putting his trust in a man he barely knows and possessing information about one of the world’s great art collections, Mason traverses the catacombs and streets of Paris with a suitcase containing information that some will stop at nothing to attain. While being pursued by black marketeers, German spies, and an old friend out to stop him, Mason learns early on that there is no one he can trust. Can he find his way out of France before the Blitzkrieg begins?

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Torn between love and duty, which should Alex choose?

He has spent years studying and working to become a Druid Warrior, Defender of the Faith. But then he met, and married, Colleen. To accept the responsibilities of his religious faith means leaving his wife and family for months—maybe even years—at a time. Can he find a way to have it all?

Good intentions sometimes lead to rash decisions, and Alex finds himself committed to an impossible task—finding the lost soul of the next high priestess—by vengeful gods who would strip not just his freedom from him, but his soul, as well.

With nothing but a vague reference to an ancient prophecy, Alex is condemned to wander for centuries in his attempt to complete his impossible task. He is forced into the cruel servitude of the gods, with only the searing memory of the ultimate betrayal to sustain him.

Initiate, a Celtic Prophecy origin story, introduces the reader to Alexander Sinclair as we learn how he becomes the Reliquary.