Four Letter Words: Act 1

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“Life is a four-letter word, albeit not my favorite one…My favorite four-letter word is love. Love fucking rocks. It’s hard, and incredible, and heartbreaking all at the same time.”

At 17, Ally Jean knows more about loss than love. Her younger brother and father have both committed suicide, and frankly, she’s just marking time until she finds a way to follow them. Until one amazing man changes her life.

This is a coming-of-age story that is real, gritty, and down to earth. The heroine, Ally Jean, is mouthy and smart, full of both hope and despair. She constantly seems to make the wrong choices, but we cheer for her despite the many mistakes she makes.

Four Letter Words addresses hard-hitting issues including teen suicide, alcoholism and depression. It is about the many four-letter words in our lives: pain, fear, life, hope…

“Love has many different forms,” Ally Jean explains. “Between family members, friends, or lovers; but all stories, every story ever told, is a God damned love story.”

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  • Genre: Coming of Age Fiction/New Adult Romance
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