The Bones of Saint Pierre

the bones of saint pierre book cover

January 1940

Late on a rainy night in New York City, Mason Wright is surprised in his apartment by Collette Moulie, the daughter of a family friend, with an urgent plea for help. She convinces him to come to France and help her father with a very important task; one that she says will help preserve the very culture of the French people. Reluctantly, Mason agrees and immediately steps into the world of fine art, stolen paintings, and master forgeries. He travels to France, under the shadows of the advancing Nazi army, to learn more. Once there, Mason realizes that he has immediately become one of the most wanted men in France, if not all of Europe.

Putting his trust in a man he barely knows and possessing information about one of the world’s great art collections, Mason traverses the catacombs and streets of Paris with a suitcase containing information that some will stop at nothing to attain. While being pursued by black marketeers, German spies, and an old friend out to stop him, Mason learns early on that there is no one he can trust. Can he find his way out of France before the Blitzkrieg begins?

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