The Ghosts of Ashur (The Drowned Realm Book 2)

the ghosts of ashur bookcover

The House of Darian has been destroyed. The Descendants are scattered and those who survived the attack are fighting for their lives. A new threat from beyond Ashur looms, and the safety of the Drowned Realm has never been in greater danger.
The remaining Descendants now turn their attention to killing King Edmund. They must seek help from a new, mysterious leader, though his whereabouts are unknown. With no safe haven to call home, they must quickly find Asarei and learn to use their manifestations in ways that The House of Darian never taught them. However, some unlikely and unwelcome alliances will test their ability to see their mission through.
Meanwhile, Jahmash’s backing grows throughout the world beyond Ashur. With Bo’az as his emissary to other lands, it is only a matter of time before Jahmash’s armies grow large enough to usher in Ashur’s downfall.

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