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Author: doc mike

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Genre: adventure/spies

It’s just been a few weeks since the bombing of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and Bob Hollis, his family, and his associates in the FBI and NYC police department are dealing with the fallout—both personal and professional. From friends who have gone missing since the Towers fell, to discovering how the bombing was connected to the currency manipulation scheme they were investigating, 9/11 looms large in everyone’s thoughts.

But, unknown to the FBI, several other groups are also now in play on the board. The Power Group and their enemies are making new moves. And how is the shadowy figure—and Hollis’ father-in-law—VJ Nasser involved?

Fallout is the second book in The Pawns suspense trilogy by author doc mike.

Pricing -Paper: $9.99, kindle: $3.99

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